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Sure, for running a Backlink Building Campaign, you can depend on requesting other website owners to give you the one. But nowadays, webmasters aren’t that much interested in giving favors to an individual who hasn’t worked hard for it.

By going directly to webmasters without mentioning the source or a solid reason, technical info like your own SERP ranking, and benefits they will get from giving you a backlink, the chances of being successful in backlink building campaign are quite dim.

Therefore, if you are more ambitious and want quick results, try one of the following link building tools to boost your SEO rankings, and increase your audience base faster.

Just in case, if you want to outsource your Backlink Building Campaign to an acknowledged, well-reputed organization, you can get us involved.

Tool #1 – Majestic SEO

With the help of Majestic SEO, you can keep an eye on your competitors SEO rankings. As it shows you which sites are linked to your competitor’s site, and tells you how much it will be difficult for you to beat it.

In technical terms, it’s called SERP score of your competitor’s website. The higher the score, the harder it will be to get ahead of that website.

If you are looking for link building opportunities, Majestic SEO is a good browser to help you achieve this goal.  

They offer both free and paid subscriptions.  If you choose a free plan, you will only be able to get the benefit of its limited reporting. But if you want a full-fledged reporting and data about yours and your rivals SEO strength and weaknesses, then you will have to get its premium subscription.

Tool #2 – Open Site Explorer

The SEOMoz Open Site Explorer is more generous than Majestic SEO in terms of letting you get more in-depth information for free.

All you have to do is to input your competitor’s website address in its explorer and then check out how many inbound links they have got.

Along with this, if you want information regarding their Social Media performance, you can check their data pertaining to their Facebook, Google+, and Twitter accounts well.

But the problem with the free plan is that they let you check a limited number of websites for free.

For even more information and unlimited access, you will need to pay and get the premium version.

Tool #3 – Raven Tools

Raven Tools is a bit expensive than the above two ones, no doubt. The minimum package they offer starts at $99/month. But definitely, the amount of knowledge and data they give you in return is worth the money they charge.

For example, their Link Manager program is so awesome as it gives you leads towards potential link partners. Not only that, it also provides you the email addresses of the webmasters with whom you need to contact, and helps you send Link building requests to them by giving you template requests.

See the link opportunity, get that webmaster’s email address, and send template email, all from one window, simple.

Tool #4 – Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one the most powerful and famous Backlink-Buildings platform for many SEO agencies and individuals.

Really, this website is too good when it comes to analyzing Backlinks of any competitor.

Ahrefs not only provides information about your rival’s inbound backlinks but also goes one step further and shows you it’s each links ALR rating as well.  

By using this tool, you will be able to make quicker and better decisions regarding with whom you should be a partner in Backlink building and how much that partner will be beneficial for your SEO goals.

It’s amazing website to know the strength of any website with regard to their income capacity, keywords for which they are ranked for, etc.

Also, it tells about the potential income of any website.

I personally like Ahref for its amazing capability of fetching out correct information and helping in earning strong backlinks.

Tool #5 – Link Research Tools

Backlink Research Tool is for more ambitious webmasters and SEO agencies.

The beauty of this website is that it not only tells about prospective websites with which you can Backlink but also, helps you in determining whether you should focus more on SERO or branding backlinks.

Link Research Tool helps you figure out as to what extent your website’s backlink are better or weaker when compared to your rivals. It also tells you if your SERP ranking has deprecated with reasons of such decay.

Again, because of the huge knowledge, and competitive advantage that it gives you, the price you will be needed to pay is a bit higher, as it starts at $199/month.

Tool #6 – Moz PRO

SEOMoz PRO is for the people who are not just looking for backlink building opportunities but are also eager to have a complete SEO management program.

By using SEO MOZ Pro, you become able to get first-hand information and knowledge about on-site optimization, social media marketing and the golden techniques for backlink building.

They charge $99/month, and in return provide sufficient information on the basis of which you can take your online business to the next level.

Tool #7 – MozBar

The MozBar isn’t a full-fledged website or a platform, it’s just a free extension that is compatible with Chrome and Firefox Internet browsers.

By installing it, you will get valuable information within your browser regarding whether a backlink is “no-follow” or “follow-link”, and about whether the backlink in question is internal or external. Also, it helps you in knowing about the specific keyword your rival is aiming to get ranked for.

Tool #8 – Ontolo

Ontolo is a premium platform for backlink researching, and it starts at $97/month.

If you opted for this innovative technology, you will be able to get automated backlink prospecting and knowledge about your competitors’ backlink profiles.

In short, it helps you get away from making wild ‘guesses’ and pushes you towards ‘certainty’.

This software is highly recommended for people who want to save time by getting a prepared list of websites good for you to get a link from.

Tool #9 – Market Samurai

Market Samurai is more famous for its awesome Keyword research technology. However, it has also got some power backlink-building features as well. For example, it’s “Find Content” feature is great for tracking article directories, web resources, and blogs.

By tracking them down, you get an amazing opportunity to figure out websites, or online content which should give you a backlink for boosting up your website’s SEO.

And another reason to pick up this option is its one-time fee. They just charge $149 and then you can use this program for both backlink building and keyword research purposes, forever.

Tool #10 – BuzzStream

If you are looking for a comprehensive backlink management program, then BuzzStream is for you.

With the help of this website, you will be able to focus on your backlink research, on websites you should reach out to give you backlinks, along with tracking and analyzing the quality of them.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and want to spend as little as $30/ month on your Backlink-Building budget, you should go for it.

Also, if you are a beginner in SEO field and you don’t want to handle complex and loaded information at once, BuzzStream is the right place to start from.

Tool #11 – WhoLinkstoMe

If you want to remain updated through a reporting service, WhoLinkstoMe is the best option to go for. As it provides you with analytical reports regarding a number of backlinks you have got.

With the help of such reports, you can be able to understand your website’s backlinking in a greater detail. They offer different prices for different types of subscriptions.

In short, with the help of WhoLinkstoMe, you can be in the know of your weaker areas to rectify them and about stronger areas to feel proud of.

Tool #12 – Wordtracker’s Link Builder

It’s the new name in the backlinking world, but thanks to Wordtracker’s already available services in other areas, it’s becoming a popular platform with Godspeed.

The specialty of this tool is that it identifies potential link givers by sorting them out into relevant categories. This way, it makes easier for you to focus on backlinks that are of optimum benefit for you.

Another reason to choose this platform over others is that it’s cheaper: just $69/month with no compromise on your KPIs.  

Tool #13 – Advanced Link Manager

It’s best for on-site optimization analysis along with backlinking solutions.

Another beauty of this program is that it is available for different types of users in different prices. But before going to have this tool, you are advised to read its Company’s policy.


By now you have got enough information and knowledge about the websites and platforms which you can use to enhance SEO ranking and increase backlinks pointing towards your website.

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We have a big range of backlinks packages from which you can choose and plan according to your needs and budget.