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1. Be Focused on Helping your Audience

There is no shortcut to getting quality backlinks from authoritative websites. Instead of just looking for ways to manipulate Google Algorithm, focus on creating content that really helps your potential audience getting their problems solved. You should build a content strategy for providing knowledge to your audience and at the same time, enlighten them about making the best-informed decisions.

The best way to do so is to first picture your potential audience aka User persona. Start by making a picture of the person you think will come to your website, and then give her a name, for example, Tracy. After it, think about her income capacity. How much she makes in a month, for instance. Then think about her age group. Is she a teenager, or in her late twenties, married? Got children? What type of platforms does she use? Is she more Facebook pro or spends more time on Twitter?

Think about things she is afraid of, about things she wants to have in her life. This picturization will help you go in your ideal visitor’s mind and see the world from her eyes.

After making a persona of your ideal visitor or customer, you will be in a better position to provide content that is user-focused. All you need to do is to help Tracy become a better person by solving her problems and making decisions towards betterment.

2. Provide Best User-Experience

You can provide best user experience to your visitors by structuring your website in a way that helps them navigate from one place to another with quite an ease. Your Call to Action buttons should be placed at a right place to help them take action. Just make sure, you are giving them something which they can digest and operate without giving it a single thought. Again, the key point is to become very much user-focused and less worried about getting backlinks. Once you have done enough to create a website that has awesome web design and structure that people are loving to visit and read and take away something useful you will become a magnet to which all the backlinks will get attracted.

3. Write Content that Stands out

A sure thing. Without striving for looking different, you will become invisible in the sea of the blogosphere. The best strategy then is to write something that isn’t already available there on the internet. By writing differently, I don’t mean you have to write something people haven’t ever heard of. Only that, you have shed light on problems and solutions from a different angle. Draw your audience’s attention towards something that hasn’t ever thought of. Give multiple solutions towards a problem, from easy to hard. From short-term to long-term, cover everything. Know everything.

Another way is to check Google about a specific keyword. Examine the top 10 results. Observe, how they have managed to get the first position? Then try to make a strategy to write about that keyword by bringing in something fresh, unique, and engaging in that content.

For a sure shot success, try to cover content that is outdated content but still is occupying the first place at Google. For example, there is a post “13 Best Backlink Building Tools That Will Help You get Backlinks” which is coming at the top of the search engine result. And if you want to get ranked well for the same topic, write “10 quality ways to get backlinks in 2017”.

This way, you are not only helping your users learn more ways to get backlinks but also you are helping google in having something more fresh and unique to present to its users.

4. Beat your Competitors with Knowledge and Hard Work

There’s a lot of room and space for a hard working online company to get instant ranking and beating their customers.

Here’s how: normally you will face two types of competitors no matter what type of niche you are in.

The first category is of those competitors who are a bit lazy. They have content up there, but they are not doing enough to write in more detail. They aren’t much interested in creating multi-dimensional content like creating infographics, video content etc.

The second category is of those who haven’t enough knowledge, resources or time to remain in the game. Or they just lost their interest, and aren’t producing new content which can threaten your existence.

You can cope with both types of competitors with your knowledge and hard work. Make it an aim of your life to utilize all the resources you have got at your disposal. Be in the know of new technology and trends, make use of them.

Create more content that is in line with the current needs of your audience. For instance, go for making more infographics to reach a wider audience on social media as people share such content more than the long text content. Collecting and conduct more surveys, make awesome reports that help your customers take best decisions. Share your expertise, your experience, your mistakes. This will not only make you look more credible but also a more human. And this will surely make your competitors want to give you a backlink to send their audience to you.

5. Be Creative in your Writing

Creativity is the key when it comes to solve problems and grab attention. So think about how can you bring creativity into your business and in ways you can help your audience. You can be creative in your writing by being bold, by letting yourself come out naturally. You don’t have to copy any famous personality. Just try to polish your own writing skills and gradually you will find that you are having your own voice that is quite unique.

So experiment things often while writing. Be open to taking risks. Bring humor in your writing, entertaining your audience goes a long way in retaining them and making them your loyal readers.

6. Be Different and Unique

This means that you will be looking for ways to produce content in which your competitors haven’t produced. You can leverage on using a platform like Canva to produce awesome cover pages, images, and infographics to portray your content in a different, memorable and fashionable way. It’s natural that other bloggers will only link to you when you will be talking about some rare case and when you will be producing something different.

7. Beat your Competitors by Outperforming Them

Every niche has a different level of competition. I hope you are well aware of the competition you are having in your niche. Say, for example, if you are internet marketing niche, you are facing a lot of competition from people who are doing the awesome job already and are famous. Now in this situation, you will need to outperform them. You can do so by creating more reliable content about internet marketing, by revealing secrets that are not commonly talked about. Just outperform them.

8. Be Consistent, Always Show up

Consistency is what that make you look reliable and a person with whom people would like to do business with. When people read your fresh article daily, or at least twice a week, they tend to think that you are a professional guy, who is doing this awesome job for both loves and making an earning out of it.

9. Build Relationships to Reach Far and Wide

But your motivation shouldn’t be to get backlinks after being friends with people who are doing business in the same niche. The correct and long-lasting way of building relationships is to become a person of a greater value for them. Think about what you can do for them to help them get ahead in their business goals. Like writing a post for them, mentioning them in your blog post, and giving them credit where its due. Do one of these things, and then tell them through an Email that you just got them covered in your blog post.

This is the best way to make quality relationships online. First, give and then naturally they won’t feel at peace until they return you their favor (in form of a juicy backlink!)

10. Get More and More E-mail Subscribers

I can’t even think of running a successful online business without having E-mail subscribers. Similarly, I will recommend you to get serious about collecting email addresses of your readers as soon as possible. There are a lot of online companies out there who provide awesome email subscription services.

When you have some people to whom you can send your fresh content on a regular basis, you are read more, understood more, and shared more. The other benefit is that the people with whom you are in competition will also subscribe you. And when you will create something big, and it will resonate with their audience, they will be happier to give a backlink to you.

11. Spend 80% of your Time in Promoting your Content

Generally speaking, the most of the online business believe that they need a lot of content up there before they start promoting it. Wrong. The best practice and shortcut to instant success is to invest 80% of your time in promoting your work and just 20% in creating it. The thing is that you will make a difference and shine more when you will appear before a wider audience on multiple platforms, i.e. on your own website, Facebook or Twitter. So if you are short on time but still want better results, apply this strategy of 80% promotion and 20% creation content.

That’s it. You are now good to go, these tips will help you get quality backlinks to improve your SEO rankings and also will help you come before many more eyes who are eager to do business with you.

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